Hedgecourt Lake and Feeder Stream

A 43 acre lake with a feeder stream at its western end situated off the A264 main road from East Grinstead to Crawley. Both the lake and feeder stream are denoted as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The eastern end of the lake (Mill Lane) has some platforms with disabled access and parking nearby. 

Turn off the of the A264 Copthorne Road at Mill Lane. Parking is at the end of Mill Lane. Cars displaying a Blue Badge may park in the lay-by in Mill Lane half way along the lakeside.

The lake contains a large stock of good sized bream, roach, tench, pike perch and eels. The feeder stream is noted for good sized pike and roach during the winter months. In recent years carp have been introduced through winter flooding further upstream. The club record pike of 25lbs 13ozs was caught in the feeder stream. The record tench and eel were also caught here.

Water Rules
Because Hedgecourt is an SSSI site there are specific rules you must follow. Please consult the Society Information & Rules before fishing.

As an SSSI this lake is covered by EA rules and must observe the statutory close season of 15 March to 15 June inclusive..