Welcome to our fisheries page. By selecting the individual fisheries from the list on the left hand side you will get a visual and written description of the waters currently available to members. Our ongoing objective is to try and provide a good mix of course angling to suit all interests.

Waters such as Ford Manor, are classic estate lakes, dating back up to two hundred years. These mature waters offer a very natural habitat with good all round angling especially for carp, tench and silver fish.

Hedgecourt Lake and Weirwood Reservoir are much larger waters. Both enjoy a good reputation for winter pike fishing but provide excellent sport all year round. Hedgecourt is a popular venue for putting out a feeder for bream and Weirwood has produced good double figure carp. Hedgecourt is classified as a site of special scientific interest and Weirwood has a bird sanctuary at its western end. For this reason we observe special rules to help enhance and maintain our profile with the owners and local naturalists. Both waters are also home to sailing clubs.

We are fortunate to have access to  Eden Brook, above Lingfield, with first class bream, carp and roach.

Finally, the ‘jewel in our crown’ is Readers Lake, named after our late President Frank Reader. This purpose built fishery, owned by the Society, has car park access close to the pegs and is a popular venue for both match and pleasure anglers alike. Suitable for pole or rod it offers some of the best sport in the locality. New members are always welcome. Why not come and join us?