Hedgecourt 2023/24 season changes

At the start of the close season our agreement for fishing at Hedgecourt came up for renewal. Crawley Mariners (CMYC), the lake owners, have confirmed that the lakes status as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) means that EA rules must still apply and there can be NO fishing at either Mill Lane or the feeder stream before 16 June 2023. EA bailiffs may well visit Hedgecourt before 16 June. I understand the average fine for fishing in close season is about 200.
Additionally, the increase in maintenance work being undertaken by CMYC on Tuesdays means that fishing is will in future be restricted on that day. Members may no longer fish on Tuesdays between 0900-1500.
Please observe these rules as any breach puts our agreement, which goes back many years, at risk.Type your text here
David Shepherd